I am an all-round ‘knowmad‘ of International Relations, with extensive experience in the fields of development, security, counter-insurgency and counter-narcotics.

Throughout my career, I have combined research with policy influencing, working on international campaigns and advocacy trajectories for organizations such as Oxfam and ICOS.

I am happiest when I can connect policy-related research to writing, my other passion. I have been a researcher and writer for the United Nations, the Clingendael Institute and Oxfam. I have written more than 50 opinion articles and numerous policy papers and academic articles.

I am interested in multi-media projects that combine research with video, photos or graphical elements such as comics. For example, the documentary Afghanistan, Land of Wonders, I worked on in 2009, combined historical research with filming trips to Afghanistan and Russia. The documentary also incorporated a story of an American novelist, and its launch was accompanied by various debates and media articles.


2008-2014 University of Valencia – Spain
Ph.D., International Relations
2012-2013 Universidad de Antioquia – Colombia
Visiting Ph.D. Fellow
2011 London School of Economics (LSE) – United Kingdom
Visiting Ph.D. Fellow
1996-2002 University of Groningen – The Netherlands
International Relations, including exchange with the University of Glasgow and internship at UNODC

Work experience

2014-present Oxfam Novib
Policy Lead Inclusive Peacebuilding in Afghanistan and South Sudan (2018-present)
Strategic Influencing Advisor, Oxfam in Afghanistan (2017-present)
Regional Program Coordinator, Citizens First Program in Afghanistan and Pakistan (2016-2017)
– Policy Advisor, Rights in Crisis campaign, Afghanistan, Syria and Yemen (2014-2015)
2012-present Netherlands Institute of International Relations Clingendael
Senior Fellow
2014-2018 United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)
Consultant, working first on the World Drug Report 2015 and then on the Bulletin on Narcotics 2018
2016-2017 Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA)
2003-2014 International Council on Security and Development, formerly The Senlis Council – Afghanistan, France and the UK
Director of Policy Research
2003-2005 Royal Netherlands’ Embassy – Spain
Political Section